The Way Forward

In order to deliver on its mission of granting access, FlexiCharge can now help its partners to:

Deploy technology that bypasses the need for brick & mortar banks
Allow people to take control of their finances and deploy their capital to more effectively
Bring mobile financial access to unbanked rural and urban areas, broadening participation in financial markets
Deliver financial products and services to remote geographies that are out of reach for traditional banks
Capitalize on in-house experts to design and deploy ecosystems to serve each market
Deliver online/offline products and services, allowing customers to maintain financial activity even when a wireless signal is lost
Our Services and Pricing
FlexiCharge is proud to deliver one of the most comprehensive localized financial Eco-systems in wide use today. Our goal is to bring money management facilities to the masses in less developed regions of the world
Financial Consulting & Advisory
Make an online appointment with our financial specialists. Review, discuss, create models, make decisions, and increase your businesses ROI

from $150 hourly
Bank Accounts & IBAN opening services
We offer you professional consultation of our specialist in 30 minutes.

from $1200 per application
Online Payment Gateway for E-Commerce
Let us help you optimize your stores payment processing with our gateway technology. Integrate once, and have a multitude of options at your fingertips.

Setup starting at $500, 4-6% per transaction
If you already got a quote from FlexiCharge team or you know exactly which service you're applying for, just pay for it with your debit or credit card using the button below. Otherwise you can request a free consultation via the feedback form.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q.: What is FlexiCharge?

A.: FlexiCharge is a payments consulting firm, specializing in connecting merchants to their most popular local payment methods. We provide introductions for merchants, as well as providing additional services, such as bank account openings, and financial consulting.

Q: What are the services FlexiCharge provide?

A.: We offer the following services:

-Payments consulting for small businesses

-We assist in opening bank accounts

-We connect merchants to the most popular payment methods in their Geo-regions.

-Online payment gateway services for E-commerce clients.

Q.: What is the cost of the service?

A: Our pricing depends on the type of service, complexity of the project and amount of hours spent. The indication is below:

-Payments consulting for small businesses- Pricing starts at $150 per hour

-We assist in opening bank accounts- Starting at $1200 per application

-We connect merchants to the most popular payment methods in their Geo-regions.-Commission based

-Online payment gateway services for E-commerce clients.- Set Up price starting at $500/4-6% per transaction

Contact Us for a Free Consultation
We are happy to find the best financial solution for your business. Please apply for free consultation via the form below or just send us an email to

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